Examining The Facts For Convenient Tactics Of Acupuncture Alicante


What skill sets are important for someone who wishes to get into a career in acupuncture? What passions make the best acupuncturists? A passion for living a healthy lifestyle, the ability to relate with people and an interest and motivation in helping them with their health. As an acupuncturist, you spend more time with your patients than a regular doctor, and it is vital to be able to connect with people in a meaningful and compassionate way, actively listening and empathising with them. Beyond that, you will need excellent analytical and critical thinking skills. Because acupuncture is a healthcare system, an interest in science in particular the biological and health sciences, is also very important if one wants to pursue a career in this field. Are there institutions of training in Kenya where aspiring acupuncturists can train? Although the Ministry of Health authorises and registers properly trained individuals to practice acupuncture, I am not aware of any universities in Kenya offering acupuncture training. I hope that this will change as I feel there is great potential for acupuncture to benefit our nation’s health within both the private and public healthcare sectors. Would you say that this is a career that is open to young people?

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